Museums Are The New Church

Yesterday I attended the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.
Hadn't been there since 1993.
I was blown away.
Many people seem to see a great conflict between science and religion.
I don't. I think they intersect in an amazing way.
Visiting the Planetarium show "Cosmic Collisions" and the renovated "Hall of Human Origins", my scope of the universe and God and the infinite was greatly broadened.
In the "Hall of Vertebrates" the evidence is all around you that we are related to every other living thing on this planet. We're all cousins, we all have DNA.
It was very humbling, and the awe that it inspired in me and others, that sense of true wonder, is what worship and religion is all about, right?
I love attending different churches, but I have to say that museums like this can also offer a very powerful worship experience.
We're in a multimedia age, and having technology and video displays as part of these exhibits makes them more accessible and "alive".
Two other musuems which are like churches to me are the Smithsonian Museums of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. & NYC. 
The NY exhibit "Listening To Our Ancestors" is as spiritual as it gets!
So is the D.C. museum's "Our Universes" exhibit.
I highly recommend any of these 21st century temples.

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