April: Portobello & Wedding Crasher Wannabes!

On April 12, I officiated a wedding at Portobello in Oakland.
Fran is the amazing hostess there, so friendly, and you could say she commands a tightly-run ship. The food is great, and the rooms available for ceremonies have beautiful fireplaces and elegant decor.
After the ceremony, I was speaking with the bride and groom, Donna and Nick.
Both were in their 40's and thrilled to have found love again in their lives.
Donna suddenly motioned to two gentlemen in their mid-20s, who were helping themselves to some wine and beer. "Who are they?" she whispered. "I don't recognize them, are they supposed to be here?"
I then reached over to one of the young men, tapped him on the shoulder and said, "The bride wants you." The man looked to her and she asked him politely, "Hi. Who are you here with?" He replied, "Oh. I'm here for the wedding." She said, "I don't recognize you. Did we invite you?" The man then began to stammer and tried to spin a story, with an embarassed grin on his face. It soon became obvious that he and his friend had seen the movie "Wedding Crashers" once too many times, and thought they too could pull it off.
A moment later, they were busted, Fran was giving them the tongue lashing of their life, and they were being escorted to the door.
For all the bride has to do on this momentous occasion, Donna sure was keen-eyed and on top of things. No one could pull a fast one on her or slip past her watchful eye. Best wishes to her and Nick for a beautiful future together. Rest assured Nick, she's always got your back!

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