Pleasantdale Chateau is "the bomb"

On May 30 I officiated Melissa and Hiram's wedding at the Pleasantdale Chateau.
That place is utterly beautiful! It reminds me of a castle inside and out.
This was my first outdoor wedding there, an it was by…

May 2008: Historic NJ Churches!

I recently officiated weddings at some classic historic churches in New Jersey, and wanted to share them with you. On April 26 I officiated Dolan and Salvatore's wedding at Locktown Stone Church (above) in Locktown (Delaware Township), NJ, built…

April: Portobello & Wedding Crasher Wannabes!

On April 12, I officiated a wedding at Portobello in Oakland.
Fran is the amazing hostess there, so friendly, and you could say she commands a tightly-run ship. The food is great, and the rooms available for ceremonies have…

Breathtaking Ceremony Locations

On Feb. 23, 2008, I officiated the wedding of Rich and Deanna at the historic Smithville Inn in Smithville, NJ, 15 miles from Atlantic City.  A lit fireplace can add unbelievable warmth and atmosphere to a wedding ceremony, and the…

2/8/08 - Mexican/Celtic Wedding!

Last night I officiated a wedding for Susanna and Quetzalcoatl at Cappucino's Restaurant in Poughkeepsie, NY. The groom is Mexican, and the bride is Irish, Welsh, Scottish, English, German, Austrian, Bulgarian, and Native American! They wrote their own vows, which…

Chimp in the wedding party!

Yesterday I officiated Stacy and Al's wedding at The Tides in North Haledon. Believe it or not, they had a chimpanzee in their wedding party!  Louie the Chimpanzee walked down the aisle right before the bride, escorted by his trainer…

Irish traditions

I am part Irish. Listening to music live from Ireland, the thought occurred to me:
1) The drum beat of the bodhran (hand drum) is a tribute to our prehistoric origins.
It's probably the earliest instrument we have,…

Fainting bridesmaid

I performed a wedding last week in East Hanover. The flower girl did a great job spreading her rose petals during the procession. Maybe she was too good: as the ceremony continued she had some rose petals left in her…

Lighting the Yule Log 3 Times

This year we held Yule Log Lightings in Long Island, Nutley and Orange. They were fun as always, as we rediscovered the old fashioned European traditions of Christmas. Next year I hope to bring this great family event to some…

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